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Did you already notice the new Outlet category? There are last pieces of fabrics and slightly damaged kitchen and paper products available!


Values and sustainability

Nuppu's values

Everything we do at Nuppu, includes the idea that we want to bring sustainable beauty into peoples’ lives. It’s all about small things that bring joy every day. Some products are essential for everyday life, so why couldn’t they be also beautiful and produced responsibly?

We want to be an example in making sustainable choices, so we produce our goods as near and as ecologically as possible. We encourage you to buy only things that you really need.

We love it, when people implement their own ideas and use our fabrics in a creative way. We encourage you to express yourself and be like you truly are. You don’t need to fit in to some ready-made boxes. You can be as colourful and flowery as you want.

For Nuppu every customer is like a friend – an important person, for who we wish only the best and with who it’s nice to share moments in everyday life.


As you can see in our patterns, we love flowers and nature, and want to take good care of them. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to sustainability of our products and production. Our goal is to work as responsibly and eco-friendly as possible. We are looking for better materials and ways to work basically all the time. Making responsible choices is often more expensive and more difficult, but we want to do our best.


Nuppu’s main principle is that we manufacture all our products in EU. Then we can be sure that the manufacturer needs to follow EU-laws. In a point of view of responsibility, it is a good start. Always when it is possible, we use Finnish manufacturers. But everything’s not available in Finland and sometimes Finnish production would get too expensive for our customers.

We aim to find out the origin of our materials as thoroughly as possible, though the information is sometimes quite hard to get. We choose certified organic materials always, when they are available. Luckily there are more and more ecological and recycled materials available and we are eager to test them.

All fabrics of Nuppu have been printed digitally. The technique itself is more ecologically friendly than traditional screen-printing techniques, since there’s barely any print color waste and less water is needed for the printing process. All Nuppu fabrics are OekoTex 100 -certified so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.


We hope that products and materials are bought for a real need and that they are used for long time and taken care of. When you buy a fabric and make something out of it by yourself, you appreciate it more, since you have invested a lot of your own time into it. We believe that this way you learn to appreciate more ready-made garments too, because you know how much effort it takes to manufacture them.

Also, we value the efforts of our customers when they sew different kinds of products from Nuppu’s fabrics. That’s why the fabrics need to be good quality and be durable and nice to look at for a long time. Making clothes by yourself can also be an ethical statement – only then you know for sure who has made the clothes and under what kind of circumstances.


Nuppu launches yearly 3-4 new collections. The patterns and colour combinations are selected carefully, so we want to have them in our selection for long time. So you don’t need to buy a fabric you like just in case that it would be available only for a certain time. Of course, we can’t have everything available forever, but the most popular patterns and colors will remain in our collections (and there are quite many of them!)

On top of that, we want that the new patterns and colors will match with older ones and form a good-looking set. We think it’s important that you can mix and match your Nuppu-wardrobe easily.


In our opinion, impulsive shopping isn’t part of sustainable consumption. That’s why we almost never have discounts. With this principle, we encourage people to buy only the things that they really need. One of the few campaigns that we take part in, is The Night of the Fabrics. There we sell B-quality fabrics and last pieces of rolls. Sometimes we also have open studio sales, where you can buy sample fabrics and last pieces of rolls. Thanks to these events we don’t waste basically any fabric that can be used.

Quite often people ask us about discounts at fairs. We have calculated our prices very carefully, so that we can continue the business in the future too. Normally we are participating various events almost weekly basis. If we could sell product on reduced price continuously, there would be something wrong in our normal price. That’s why we don’t have discounts at fairs.