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Nuppu x Moiko accessories

Nuppu’s Secret Garden blossoms in mittens!

“I was fascinated by the idea of breaking the rule ‘the simpler the better’ to see what I could do with the reflective material used in mittens, to see how far I could go with the level of details. So, when designing the mitten patterns, I headed towards Nuppu’s Secret Garden collection which, I think, is our most luscious and detailed set of fabrics, and instead of trying to simplify it, I ambitiously tried to hang on to its details with all the flowers, foxes, bunnies and squirrels.

Next to the Secret Garden mittens’ abundance, however, I also wanted to design a simpler, more delicate pattern, and our Vanamo (Twinflower, Linnaea) was the perfect choice for that. I am especially happy about how open-mindedly Moiko joined us in bending the limits of reflective patterns, and the result is just as gorgeous as I had hoped for.”

Satu Kontinen

Creator of Things, Nuppu Print Company