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21/1 Puutarhajuhlat

What could the secret spring garden party be like? Hidden deep in the garden of course, away from the eyes of people. And there are many parties, not just one! As you enter the garden gate, the first party you get drawn into is the tulip festival.

On the other side of the garden a lily parade is just about to start and if you listen very carefully, you might hear a faint sound of bells ringing in the air. It’s time for every last one of the guests to wake up and head for the secret garden party…

In the middle of the garden, behind the crocuses and the grape-hyacinths, a cheerful gathering is taking place – it’s a porcelain party! Tea is being served from the finest cups and the discussion revolves around the garden’s spring party. Who will take care of the baking and who will set the tables?

The spring collection of Puutarhajuhlat ("The Garden party") includes following patterns:
Kevätpuutarha, Tulppaanifestivaali, Liljaparaati and Posliinikutsut