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1/2022 Reflections

There is something magical in the way the light dances on water, creating reflections in all kinds of colors and shapes.

In the way it bends and bounces when passing through flower petals, leaving behind a world colored anew.


The light of a new dawn is different from the light of the moonlight, and so are their reflections, their shadows.

The things they reveal us from their shadows.


In the eye of the storm we ourselves are different from what we are in the warm embrace of a perfect day.


Reflections is a collection of moments that reflect in our eyes as colors and shapes.

Of moments that make us reflect.

And after careful reflection, make us see the world in a new light.


The patterns are huge, with a height varying from 1.5 metres to 2 metres, making them perceivable only from a distance. As you step closer, the perception of the image starts to blur leaving behind just colors and shapes – a play of light, new reflections.


“Reflections is a collection born out of a happy accident, straight according to the founding idea of Accidental Ideas. While colouring Nuppu Print Company’s flowers, I accidentally clicked the outline layer off, and suddenly this fascinating play of colors without borders took place right in front of my eyes. It was like another reality, or perhaps a reflection of it, something we don’t usually get to see. The deeper into the image I dove and the bigger I enlarged it, the more intriguing the colors started to look. As the familiar shapes of flowers disappeared and all that was left was colors, it was like looking at a type of a music. Or feelings. And that is something I wanted to share with everyone through this collection.”


Satu Kontinen,

Creator of Things

Accidental Ideas | Nuppu Print Company

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